"Knowledge suppresses tuberculosis"!

At the headquarters of the Red Cross of Republic of Srpska  in Pale a press conference was held in order to familiarize the public with the traditional celebration of the Fight Against Tuberculosis in the period from 14th until 21th of September.
The conference was attended by the Secretary General of the RCRS Đoko Mihajlović, director of the Hospital “Kasindo” in East Sarajevo dr. Goran Todorović, and the coordinator for healthcare in the RCRS Ljiljana Gluhović. The activities that the Red Cross RS conducted on Sunday are aimed at raising public awareness of tuberculosis, the importance of prevention and treatment.

The Red Cross this year celebrates Sunday's fight against tuberculosis under the motto "Knowledge suppresses tuberculosis". Activities that will be implemented through the structure of the RCRS are: health, social-humanitarian and informative-educational and propaganda activities.

-Health activities

Population surveys, voluntary blood donation, activities in some areas will organize drinking water controls in cooperation with utilities; cleaning of school yards, arrangement of city parks and other public areas, collective centers, schools, etc.

-Social-humanitarian activities

Red Cross activists and volunteers will visit tuberculosis sufferers in their homes (especially those of poorer status) and those on hospital treatment.

-Informative-educational and propaganda activities

Division of information and educational materials in primary and secondary schools and faculties; organizing public tribunes discussions on tuberculosis in cooperation with experts in this field; organizing health lectures on this contagious disease; organizing a press conference on the occasion of the Sunday Fight Against Tuberculosis.

From September 14th to September 21th  postage stamp is on sale in postal traffic of the Republic of Srpska, as well as stamps for citizenship, which will be sold by young volunteers during Sunday in schools and in public places. Revenue from the sale of stamps will be used for health-care programs such as prevention or assistance to patients.