Membership in the Red Cross of the Republic of Srpska is made of members who can be regular-active members, members-subscribers, honorary members and patrons.

   On the basis of the Red Cross Principles, Red Cross of the Republic of Srpska is available for all citizens, it gathers and organizes people of good will regardless of sex, nationality, religion, political opinion, language, race and class.

A member of the Red Cross is a person that accepts Statute of the Red Cross of the Republic of Srpska, pays a membership fee and actively participates in in achieving of the Red cross tasks in one of local Red cross organizations.

Active members are persons who accepted to provide their services to the Red Cross and they are registered as such by the Municipal Board of the Red Cross.    

The members-subscribers are members that are paying the yearly membership fee which is determined by the RCRS Assembly.

The honorary members are those who have been promoted by the Executive Board of the RCRS on proposal of a local RC Branch, in recognition of their significant contributions to the Red Cross of the Republic of Srpska.

Patron is a public figure assigned by the Executive Board of the RCRS that continuously helps the RCRS.


All members pay yearly fee.

Members of the RCRS can be children, Youth and Adults. Members younger than 15 are Junior member of the RCRS. Members age 15 to 27 are the Youth members of the RCRS. Members older than 27 are Adult members of the RCRS.

    Rights and duties for the members

Members have the following duties:

  • To stand for the Fundamental Principles and to disseminate them,
  • To promote the work of the RCRS work,
  • To accept and respect provisions of the Statute,
  • To pay yearly fee (for Adult members 2,00 KM and for Juniors and the Youth 1,00 KM),
  • To participate actively in the RCRS work.


Members have the following rights:

  • To elect and to be elected in bodies of the RC,
  • To participate and vote at meetings of the Assembly of the local Red Cross or RCRS,
  • To present their proposals and ask questions to any authority of the RCRS.


Member of the Red Cross of the Republic of Srpska:

  • Contributes to achieving goals of the Red Cross by his/her engagement in the organization,
  • Promotes and develops philantrophy, solidarity and other ethical qualities,
  • Contributes to improving social, health, economic, cultural conditions of work and living,
  • Popularizes and affirms Red Cross organization,
  • Has rights and benefits given by the Statute and other documents.


    Membership in the RC ends:

  • Resigning by its own will,
  • Death of a member,
  • Not paying a yearly fee despite to a  written warning,
  • Excluding member due to his bed behavior which is opposite to provisions of the Statute of the RCRS, and behavior which endangers reputation and is contradictory to the Fundamental Principles.


Members that had been excluded lose all rights related to the membership in the RCRS.

Money fees and contributions made are not given back to excluded members.

Decision about excluding a member is made by a Board of the local Red Cross branch which member he/she had been.

The member which had been excluded by a local RC branch has a right to complain to the Statutory Commission of the RCRS Assembly who brings the final decision.

For exceptional work in the Red Cross, as well as for great contribution to the Red Cross, individuals, organizations and institutions can be rewarded by:

  • Letter of Appreciation,
  • Bronze Medal,
  • Silver Medal,
  • Gold Medal,
  • Diploma.