A Volunteer of the Red Cross is a person that occasionally or regularly executes volunteering activities for the National Association of the Red Cross. 

All the activities are implemented together with the volunteers who are the implementers of our activities. Everyone who has a desire to help can join us. Every volunteer can join the regular activities of the Red Cross and to volunteer in the nearest Red Cross Branch (total of 58 Municipal RC organizations and 6 City Red Cross organizations) according to their free time, interests and desires. The programs in which they can join are: Health-prevention activities, First Aid, Promotion of blood donation, Socially welfare, Disaster Preparedness and Response, Youth Red Cross, Tracing Service and Restoring family links, Information, Dissemination, and many project activities that are being implemented in the Red Cross Branch.

Volunteering is voluntary provision of services inspired only by the free will and the desire to help.

Be a part of the greatest voluntary and humanitarian organization, where we work together to create a better and safer place for living.