Đoko Mihajlović

Đoko Mihajlović was born on 29.06.1958. in Bijeljina where he completed Elementary and Secondary School. He completed Pedagogical Academy in Tuzla, department: Serbo-Croatian language and literature of Jugoslav people, Movie and RTV culture. After having completed the military service, he started to work in Elementary School in Drinjača, where he became active in sports, cultural activities and Red Cross organization. He continued to be active in the Red Cross after he changed his job and moved to Elementary School “Sveti Sava” in Bijeljina. As a volunteer in the Local Red Cross Bijeljina, he was engaged in Collective Center in weekend settlement on Drina River where around 500 displaced and refugees from Tuzla were located.

Until he was elected Secretary General of the Red Cross of the Republic of Srpska, Đoko Mihajlović was member of the Red Cross of the Republic of Srpska boards as well as the Red Cross Society of Bosnia and Herzegovina, President of Association of admirers of Prince Ivo of Semberija in Bijeljina, member of Prosvjeta Board, Deputy President of Football Club, member of Coordination team for social and humanitarian care in SO Bijeljina and Team for developing of Strategy of SO Bijeljina until 2015.

He lives in Bijeljina with his family.